Volunteer and travel around Vietnam

We works to support highland development by cooperating with local communities to set up the meaningful volunteer programs combined with ecological tourism. This program is designed for those who want to discover the natural and cultural wonders around of Vietnam, share experiences with the local community, be face-to-face with these colorful cultures. It's plays an incredibly important roll enabling hill tribe people to take full advantage of employment and training opportunities. Consequently, hill tribe people could enhance their capacities to ensure sustainable rural development based on the skills they acquire from YOU!

The volunteer will join the adventure through the Northeast to Southern of Vietnam to experience an unparalleled opportunity to discover a hidden corner of Vietnam with many spectacular sceneries, you will enjoy and experience the region's unique culture. The region is famous for it’s vivid and diversified culture and tribal heritage. Despite Northeast Vietnam’s natural beauty, the hill tribe are still living under very poor conditions and many are still uneducated.

Accommodation and daily meals at homestay with local people to understand more about the daily lives of them. You’ll also quickly discover that homestays are actually a two-way cultural exchange as your hosts are very likely to be as interested in your culture as you are in theirs… Don’t forget to bring some pictures of home and prepared to arrive as a guest but to leave as a friend.
We welcome the kind-heart volunteers and the social organization around the world to take part in this program. The villages, vulnerable groups, visiting place & homestay accommodation with many activities have been carefully chosen through a rigorous selection process, ensuring you have a great opportunity to share your talents, creativity, compassion.
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