Who We Are ?

VEEV is A  Non Government Organization, Non-Profit  in Vietnam that wants to unify people around the world to help those who need us. VEEV offers a unique combination of volunteering projects and action-packed adventure travel in a fun, safe, educational, and well-organized environment. Our main goal is to offer support for Rural kids, orphanages, child care, work in rural areas, Protecting nature and environment.

We believe that education is the essential element in improving the quality of life for poor and disadvantaged people, especially the ones in ethnic communities. A better job skill, better knowledge will bring them a better opportunity in careers and life. Therefore, by providing non-formal education with the support of volunteers, we would like create a chance for poor and disadvantaged people, thus reaching the ultimate goal of a sustainable life in their own hands in the future.

We have a strong team of coordinators who run successful and effective volunteering programs. We work directly with local schools, people that live in rural areas, and orphanages. We make sure that each of our volunteering programs meets the high standard as expected and deserved by our volunteers. Safety is high on our priority list and we always make sure that you feel safe in all our placements.

Our Aim will be to remove poverty and illiteracy and Protecting nature and environment from the country Volunteer in Vietnam with us! We invite you to become a life time member of VEEV for free after you finish your volunteer work with us. We hope that you share your experiences with friends and family, and you encourage them to join the adventure of a life time Volunteering in Vietnam

Another goal of VEEV., besides helping local people, is to give international volunteers a chance to experience Vietnam and get an insight into the country. We offer a variety of placements for volunteers – our projects are available throughout the country. When joining VEEV, volunteers will be able to see and experience Vietnam’s beautiful nature, friendly people and authentic folk culture.