Volunteer teaching for rural Children

Vietnam is a developing country there are a lot of places that still need the English teachers at the schools, especially, in rural area. In this project, we aim to help the rural youth to have a chance to meet the foreign people, learn English from native English speakers.  By sending the international volunteers to the rural area far away from cities or tourist attractions, we hope that the basic education in countryside especially the English skills will be improved step by step. And by this way, the local students will have a greater chance to improve their basic education,. On the other hand, volunteers also stay at homestay with a Vietnamese family and we hope to bring the opportunity for foreigners to live and taste the real culture of Vietnam.

Voluntary activities
Volunteers will be arranged to work with local teachers at local schools where remains at least 200 students in a schools, and 20 to 30 students in a class.  Volunteers will spend some days being trained how to teach at the local school and know how to use the materials. Then, with the support of local teachers, volunteers will help the class with pronunciations, games and some initial way for students to learn the English. Sometimes in a week, the English club or culture exchanged day will be arranged to help students to learn English and understand about the culture of different country. Sometimes, outdoor activities will be organized and you will help by initial ways related to sporting, painting, drawing…this will be also a good chance for the international volunteers to learn the culture of local.
Leisure activities
Volunteer will stay at homestay and live with a Vietnamese family. You will take time to explore the local culture and local farming activities. Vietnam is famous for beautiful and peace countryside, you could have a bicycle tour around the villages or spend your time going fishing and doing some farming works with the family. Helping them with the manual works at local organic farm will be a good chance to pure your soul and do a good exercising. Furthermore, at the weekend, you are free to book a tour elsewhere in Vietnam. You will have time to travel and relax or just go to the city to know the city life or go shopping. All those activities will be good and keep you busy at the weekend.

The project will be conducted at a rural area in the North and South of Vietnam. The nearest place from Hanoi will be 30 kilometers, and the furthest place will be 500 kilometers, In the South the nearest place from Hochiminh city 15km and the furthest about 300km. We will focus on your interest and the length of your stay to arrange the most suitable place for you.  Northwest of Vietnam is famous for the beautiful mountainous area and red river Delta. It will be good chance for you to explore the Forestry-Agriculture and Sea of Vietnam.