Steps for NGOs training course “building cooperation and management capacity for volunteer organizations -Hanoi, Vietnam”

With the mission to promote volunteerism in Vietnam, VEEV partner with International Initiatives for Cooperation Association (IIC) launch "Step 4 NGOs project” under the sponsorship of the European Commission (EC). In the framework of program, we organizes a training course “building cooperation and management capacity for volunteer organizations -Hanoi, Vietnam”, scheduledfrom 6 - 10/10/2011.

The training course will be focused on the following topics:

1. Non-formal education

2. Volunteer management & Leadership Fundraising for projects

3. Project management

4. Marketing & PR

5. Fundraising

Participants will be involved in an international training course with the experts from the European Commission. Participating in the training course, trainees are participated in a multicultural environment, exchanging of volunteer skills and  capacity - building activities in the volunteer organizations.

The target of the training course

After 5 days training,  participants can:

1.  Understanding and analyzing the basic concepts of non-formal education and  apply skills in training course for  orgazizing this type of education to raise awareness and basic knowledge, news, information and knowledge of professional skills for youth.

2.  Understanding the process of developing and managing a voluntary project efficiently.

3. Understanding the processes and skills of fundraising for programs and projects.

4. Applying their understanding of marketing methods to promote the image projects, held in clubs, organizations to improve their capability of administer and improve the development range of organizations.


Through experience with the application of a variuos methods to promote the active participation of trainees will be selected and used, in combination with the crystal via shared presentation PowerPoint, Plipcharts... The balance between theory and practice to be achieved, ensuring the performance of indicators and results  as described above.

The information of every day training will be updated, including discussion results of participants via the content and the main processes of the training course.

Evaluationa sheet will be distributed to participants at the end of each session.