Volunteering abroad is an opportunity to share your skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm, while immersing yourself in a unique culture, discovering new places and contributing to a good cause. VEEV Welcome all of Volunteer from over the world. VEEV wants to unify people around the world to help those who need us.

1.      How to join?
Step 1: Send your CV and your motivations letter to VEEV’s email: veev.volunteer@gmail.com. We will process your application and match your placement  and reply back to you in three day.
Step 2: when  you received  our letter inform about result and project , you should begin preparing for travel by obtaining all necessary.
Step 3. When you land to airport our volunteer will pick up you to Volunteer house, and you have 2 days for travel to discovery the local before start project.
2.      How is Accommodations ?
VEEV’s accommodation is safe and secure, and it provides a strong sense of community for international volunteers during their stay. Friendships forged here regularly outlast the time volunteers spend on assignment.
3.      How is internet connect ?
VEEV have already internet connect for all volunteers can do their job and free wifi 24/24.
4.      How long I working per day?
All of Volunteer are working 8 hours per day, and 5 day in a week, from Monday to Friday.
5.      What is the minimum, can you choose to leave when you wish?
Volunteers are required to get involved for at least 2 weeks. This helps to minimize the strain on our resources caused by arrivals and departures
6.      What Visa do I need ?
You only need a tourist visa to take part in volunteering programs in Vietnam. For more information about the Visa application process you should contact the Vietnamese Embassy in your country.
7.      What is the most skills I need when be Volunteer in VEEV?
2 things Volunteer need when be a Volunteer for VEEV:
 Firstly: your English skill is Excellent and secondly is your enthusiasm
8.      Do I pay any Fees ? NO FEES
All Accommodations and transport of Volunteer during  Project is free. 
9.      If I get sick or have an accident in my trip?
VEEV has access to a full time doctor on call. The physical health of our volunteers is a top priority. Being sick, even with a common stomach virus, can dampen a trip for anyone. VEEV will have basic medicines, and cover basic health related issues.
We strongly advise volunteers to purchase travel insurance to cover a serious injury or medical emergency.

10. Can I travel outside the project area?
VEEV will provide local guidance and assistance for volunteers wishing to explore the surroundings during their free time; however, it is important that volunteers participate as much as possible in the programs. Once the program is completed, a volunteer has the ability to travel to other parts of Vietnam and to stay as long as granted in their Vietnamese visa. However, VEEV is not in a position to serve as a travel agency to accommodate longer term interests.
11. What are Values Volunteers can received when work for VEEV?
VEEV is able to:

  • Provide opportunities for people from all over the world to come to Vietnam to learn about the various cultures and to assist communities in need
  • Provide opportunities for Vietnamese people to meet and work with individuals from different countries
  • Provide opportunities for local youth to become more active and responsible through various volunteer programs throughout Vietnam
  • Provide opportunities for Vietnamese people to participate in volunteer and culture exchange programs abroad that facilitate experiential learning and capacity building
  • Contribute to the development of Vietnam through volunteer programs and community development projects