Building up the capacity of the partner organisations

Building up the capacity of the partner organisations with particular focus on those representing the Partner countries. The European partners will use their experience build through the implementation of a number of common projects in order to multiply it among the Partner countries. By building up the capacity of youth organisations, improving the skills of youth workers and delivering local tailor-made training programmes into the Partner countries the project will improve the performance of youth organisations, and will have a direct impact on the local youth by improving the services provided to them, which will give a new impetus for the development of civil society into the target countries. 

The project will start with a pilot training for multipliers in the filed of image building, marketing and promotion of the services of youth NGOs which will be followed by a feasibility visits-in Bulgaria, Greece, Austria and Italy. During the feasibility visits the representatives of the Partner countries will meet organisations successfully working in the youth field, relevant institutions and media and will be able to directly learn from the European experience in building up strategic relations and implementing quality youth policies and services. After the feasibility visit a need assessment of the target groups will be conducted into the countries where local trainings will be delivered with the purpose of developing corresponding tailor-made approach to be used in accordance to the specific conditions and realities into the different countries. After the delivery of the local training programmes, promotional image building local campaigns will be developed by the youth workers and young people trained with the support of the partner consortiums. The development of implementation of the promotional campaigns will provide the project participants the chance to put on practice what they have learnt

Networking and establishment of long-term partnership between youth organizations from Programme and Partner Countries. A special emphasis will be put on multiplying the networking experience gained by the European partners in the course of implementation of youthNET and the establishment of the youthNET network which already unites a huge number of organisations from EU, SEE and Caucasus. The present project can be considered as a follow up idea which is a result of the wish of the youthNET partners to extend the network and involve bigger number of organizations with different backgrounds and of different origin. By extending the network, in Partner countries, the partners will be able to multiply their experience and best practices by applying them to different realities and special characteristics.

The partner network that will be established during the present project proposal will serve as a channel of transfer of experience and good practice both from Programme to Partner countries and vice versa. Within this project implementation, a Plan for Strategic Development of the network will be developed and agreed upon by the partners. The plan will be prescribing the main fields of action in the network and priorities and goals to be pursued. The Plan will be officially agreed by the project partners on the closing conference that will be organised at the end of the project. During the closing conference a final evaluation of the project activities will also be done and also the results achieved will be presented in front of the wider public. 
The best practices achieved and the methodologies developed in the project will be compiled into a guide book “STEPS for NGOs” which will be printed out and distributed as it is intended to serve as a reference for similar projects in future.